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Annual Banquet Dinner
Timuquana Country Club

200 club of jacksonville

Message from the President,
Camp Davis


I am honored and proud to serve as the President of the 200 Club of Jacksonville which has served Northeast Florida for 50 years. Except for its members and those in law enforcement, there are few people who have heard of the 200 Club. While proud of its service, the 200 Club does not maintain a high public profile. Its members believe that its support and efforts behind the scenes ensures that its focus remains strictly humanitarian.

What is the 200 Club and who does it serve? The 200 Club is an organization that believes in serving those who are sworn to serve and protect us every day. Our primary mission is to provide financial assistance to the families of law enforcement officers and firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty, or may have otherwise suffered loss or damage through injury, illness or other misfortune.
When the mission is to help those families of law enforcement officers and firefighters who have lost a spouse and parent, the Club is fortunate when it’s not realized.

Nevertheless, when such a loss does occur, the 200 Club provides immediate financial assistance to the family of the fallen officer to allow the family time to heal by easing the financial burden created by such a tragedy.

The 200 Club extends its heartfelt gratitude to the men and women first responders who put their lives at risk every day to serve and protect the citizens of Northeast Florida. Thank you for your part in our vision as The 200 Club supports such courageous and dedicated public servants.


Camp Davis
President, 2021-2023